Heat Pump Technology

Air Source Inverter Heat Pumps – Commercial and Industrial

Heating and Air Conditioning

There is no better choice than a high performance heat pump system for any heating or air conditioning requirement. One of the biggest advantages of a heat pump over a standard heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is that there’s no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your building. Heat pumps are extremely efficient because they simply transfer heat, rather than burn fuel to create it. High quality air source heat pump heating and air conditioning systems represent the most advanced, energy efficient and comfortable heating equipment today. Green Star specializes in the installation of heat pump systems for both new construction and retrofit of existing buildings.


Air Source Heat Pump Retrofit

An Air Source Heat Pump Retrofit will provide an efficient level of heating and cooling for your commercial or industrial property. The unit has a similar appearance to an air conditioner and is located in the exterior of your structure. The heat pump is connected to the A-Coil in the furnace on the inside of the house, similar to a conventional central air conditioning unit. An Air Source Heat Pump Retrofit installed by the building performance contractors at Green Star, will provide up to 3x more heat energy to a property than the electric energy that it utilizes.



Heat Pump Technology – Commercial and Industrial – Fairfield County CT, Westchester County NY