Our Services

Green Star Energy Solutions we provide many services that will modernize your heating, cooling and ventilation systems while saving you money in energy costs. There are many companies that do professional heating and air conditioning work, but Green Star is the only company in the Northeast region whose mission is to prioritize energy efficiency, comfort and safety. We take a whole building approach and will not ignore key performance factors such as a homes insulation levels, air sealing, and duct sealing. When you combine an efficient building shell with high performance heating and cooling you will have a truly energy efficient, affordable, comfortable, and healthy facility. View some of our most popular services below:

Air Source Heat Pump Retrofit

An Air Source Heat Pump Retrofit will provide an efficient level of heating and cooling for your residential or commercial property. The unit has a similar appearance to an air conditioner and is located in the exterior of your structure. The heat pump is connected to the A-Coil in the furnace on the inside of the house, similar to a conventional central air conditioning unit. Learn More »

New Construction Design & Build

From high quality insulation to solar power to sustainable material, Green Star offers energy efficient construction and design that will allow you to be ahead of the energy building code curve. Green Star offers the highest quality and performance, environmentally friendly green products and expert installation, which will make an immediate impact on lowering your bills and giving you savings.  Learn More »

Commercial and Multifamily Energy Program Enrollment

 Green Star relies on the latest building science to determine the most effective and cost efficient methods for achieving deep energy savings and significant improvements in your facility’s comfort and indoor air quality. Green Star can help you establish and realize your building performance objectives.  Learn More »

Solar Power Installations

Green Star is a full-service solar provider that brings residential and commercial property owners the extended advantages of solar energy. Our professional team of engineers and installation specialists will work very closely with through each phase of the installation to ensure that you will get the most out of your solar energy home system. Our goal is to install a system that will maximize your savings and allow you a full return on investment.  Learn More »

Insulation & Air Sealing

At Green Star we are obsessed with identifying and implementing only the most efficient and cost effective insulation measures. Most insulation products work well when properly installed for the right application. The trick is to identify the best application for each product. When it comes to insulation the quality of the installation is absolutely critical to overall performance.  Learn More »

Energy Efficient Lighting

Utilizing energy efficient lighting should be on the mind of every residential and commercial property owners. It can be viewed as a practical sensible step towards upgrading your property to make it more efficient, as well as being an essential move towards for sustainability. Overall it is an advantage that will assist in doing your part to help the environment as well as increasing energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills.  Learn More »

Assessments & Audits

Green Star offers detailed energy assessments and audits, that offer a thorough assessment of your facility’s energy use. A certified energy auditor will arrive at your location to perform a room-by-room examination of the property, as well as a thorough examination your previous utility bills.  Learn More »

Financing Programs

C-PACE is an innovative program that is helping commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners access affordable, long-term financing for smart energy upgrades to their buildings. C-PACE allows building owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements through placing a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. Learn More »