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Residential Buildings and Condominiums – Insulation, Heating, Cooling

Green Star Energy provides state-of-the-art heating, air conditioning and insulation for residential buildings and condominiums. Install new or replace outdated inefficient systems with world-class technology and conserve energy.

Does your Building Have any of These Problems?


Heating & Air Conditioning

Green Star is the only heating and cooling company in the Northeast that specializes in the system design and installation of high performance air source inverter heat pump systems which are also known as “mini-splits” or “ductless heat pumps”.  We have the benefit of world class technology for the most cost effective heating and cooling system available today. State-of-the-art heat pump systems are super efficient, quiet, low maintenance, and environmental.


Performance Insulation

At Green Star we are obsessed with identifying and implementing only the most efficient and cost effective insulation measures. Most insulation products work great. The trick is to identify the best application for each product. When it comes to insulation the quality of the installation is absolutely critical to overall performance. Insulation, air sealing and duct sealing are the most important and cost effective ways to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.


How Can We Help You?

There are many companies that do professional heating and air conditioning work, but Green Star is the only company in the Northeast region whose mission is to prioritize energy efficiency, comfort and safety. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation! Call (888) 500-6246.


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